Fuji Acros

A 4×5 Portrait with a Toyo 45A, Schneider 210mm f/5.6 & Fuji Acros – By Louis A. Sousa

This is a story of, yes, a spur of the moment 4×5 portrait session from my habitual morning visit to Angelina’s Cafe. I have a daily delicious scone baked with care by Chelsea. I have ridden the evolution of Chelsea’s scones from the first batch resembling blueberry pancakes through today’s flaky and succulent ones. The daily fix is washed down with a hand-poured coffee made by her husband Goodwin. Goodwin puts every ounce of his being into making a perfect cup of coffee. For me, this is good. Coffee is my drug of choice.

Dilemma Dilemma: What Shall I Use, Color or Black & White? A Short Comparison – by Andrew Morang

When the digital tsunami overwhelmed the world of picture-taking in the mid-2000s, I bought various digital camera and used them for color work. However, I continued to take black and white film photographs. In particular, I slowly used my stash of Kodak Panatomic-X in medium format cameras. To me, the traditional silver gelatin photon-capture technology just looked better and more authentic for the my type of urban decay photography. I became re-familiar with an old friend, Tri-X, using it in Burma and Cuba. In the last couple of years, I have been using film almost exclusively.

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