Fuji C200

Nikon Lite*Touch AF600

5 Frames in the Pandemic Autumn with a Nikon Lite Touch AF600 – By Nick Sweeney

As the brief pandemic summer ended and plans to ease restrictions were put on hold, I masked up and headed to a small-town thrift store that rarely has cameras but when it does, they’re typically good ones.

Being able to look up model numbers on a phone after you find something on those chaotic shelves still feels like cheating, like sneaking to the loo during a pub quiz for a quick bit of research. Most of the time it confirms your intuition about name and build quality and how it fits into its period, especially if you spend a lot of time on this website. Not this one: the name checked out, the camera itself was in good condition, but it didn’t have the heft of its more desirable early-90s peers, let alone the previous generation where leading makers threw so much talent and innovation into compacts.

It was a Nikon AF600, known in the US as the Lite Touch AF 28mm 1:3.5 Macro. I’m sure a lot of work went into that catchy name. It was certainly light to the touch.

38 frames / A Whole Roll of Fujicolor C200 in a Canon Snappy LXII – #FullRollFriday – by David Hume

This is part of a project I’ve had going for a while. It’s about aesthetics and observation. I’m trying to strip everything I can out of the process of making an image and then see what’s left.

Each summer for the past thirty-odd years we’ve spent a couple of weeks here at the same beach.

The idea is that every now and again I’ll walk out of the front of our house and stand in the same spot near the sea, point the camera in the same direction and make a frame.

Canonet 28

5 Frames with a Canonet 28 and Fuji C200 – By Andrew Bogard

The classic scene: an advert for a bunch of random film cameras that showed no hint of what the cameras actually were. I met with the seller and she showed me a dilapidated box of cameras. Everything reeked to high heaven of old basement but something caught my eye: A Canon branded rangefinder with simple rounded lines that didn’t yell out “Yo! I’m a fancy camera!”

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