4 February, 2014

Fuji Klasse W Review – My final thoughts

By Hamish Gill

It feels like a long time since I started my Fuji Klasse W review, yet it’s not even a year! I suppose it has been quite an eventful time for me and my photography since I...

17 May, 2013

First Shots from the Fuji Klasse W

By Hamish Gill

With one thing and another of been run off my feet lately, I’ve managed to finish the first roll of shots from the Fuji Klasse W… All be it mostly of Connie.

3 May, 2013

Fuji Klasse W – Initial Impressions

By Hamish Gill

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Fuji Klasse W represents for me the end of one story and perhaps the beginning of another. I started out my journey as a photographer with...