17 September, 2016

Leica CL Review (The Film Camera)

By Hamish Gill

The Leica CL, along with its contemporary cousin the Leica M5, comes from a time in Leica's history that seems to have been a little rocky to say the least. Yet whilst Leica suf...

16 July, 2016

Leica M4 Review

By Hamish Gill

The Leica M4 in many people's eyes is the last of the classic Leica rangefinder cameras. In fact, if you spend any time reading around forums and websites looking for opinion on...

15 October, 2015

Leica M5 Review – The Odd One Out

By Hamish Gill

The Leica M5 is the odd one out in the Leica M family line. It’s the camera that nearly put an end to the Leica rangefinder after it was balked at by Leica users of its da...