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Pentax MX

Pentax MX – My Nuts and Bolts Review

I recently kicked off a bit of a series of posts talking about my experiences with my Pentax MX. In that first post, I talked a bit about how I didn’t want to just review the camera and move on as I so frequently do. Well, in partial contradiction to that I’ve decided to “review” the Pentax MX earlier on in the series of posts than I expected to. This won’t be the end of my relationship with this little camera though – as you’ll read, we’ve hit it off, and I intend to stick with it for a little while longer at least.

Pentax MX – doing the “one camera” thing to aid a lack of inspiration

The Pentax MX has come to me at a strange time in my photography journey. It’s come to me when I’m at an all time low ebb both in terms of my inspiration to shoot and my inspiration to play with cameras. Despite these issues, I’ve still found the Pentax MX to be a relatively enthralling bit of kit – it’s been one of only a few cameras in my dwindling “collection” of camera stuff I’ve bought to write about that I’ve remained interested in shooting.

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