Holga 120FN

Holga 120FN

5 frames with a Holga (my First Film Camera) and some Expired Film – By Frankie Bina

I know, Holga and expired film, that sounds like a total cliché of Lomography and hipsters. But for me it was the first taste of the world of a film photography. And it all started by a pure accident.

I stumbled upon this Holga while cleaning our flat, hidden in a storage space under a bed, an old remnant of my wife’s short lasting photography interest in her late teenage years. I never shot with a film before and to be honest, I had no intentions to start with it. But as the opportunity was sitting right at my hands, I decided I will give it a go. Having no idea how deep this road will take me.

5 Frames With A Holga 120FN – by Dev Samaddar

Some people curse at Holgas for being temperamental. Holga, of course, doesn’t give a rat’s behind who curses and who doesn’t. And that’s because Holga, as the name suggests, probably since it rhymes with Volga, is likely a princess, a tsarevna, a grand duchess. So you have to make obeisance and pray, may be even sing, to her royal Holganess and perchance she will lift her veil and grant you a look at her ethereal, other worldly beauty.

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