Ilford Delta 400

5 Frames/A Year With My Hasselblad SWC/M – By John A. Bennett

After four years of shooting with my Hasselblad 500C/M, I wanted to try a SWC, the Super Wide Hasselblad used by photographers like Lee Friedlander.

The first difference I noticed comparing the 500C/M and the SWC/M was that the latter makes almost NO sound when the shutter button is pressed. On the other hand, the 500C/M emits a very audible “THWAPPP!” In fact, the SWC/M is so silent, at first I didn’t think it was working. One very close-up selfie resulted when I turned the camera around to check. The SWC/M is solely a distance-focusing camera, and with no mirror to slap, there’s just the faintest “click” at the moment of exposure.

And with no focusing screen or mirror — hence no need for a modular camera body — the SWC/M  feels much smaller. It’s basically a Hasselblad A12 film back and a f4.5 38mm Carl Zeiss lens. Because of its size, I imagined that the SWC would become my “everyday” camera, and that I’d take it with me everywhere. That hasn’t exactly happened.

Shooting Film And Digital in Athens – By Charles Higham

I’ve just read Sroyon’s excellent post about how many cameras to take on holiday and it reminded me of a pre-pandemic trip I made to Greece when I had to make similar decisions in terms of camera choices. I wanted to shoot film but also it seemed sensible to carry a digital camera too.

As I was going to Athens for just a few days I packed everything I needed for my visit into a bag the right maximum dimensions for carry-on cabin luggage, so a good reason to keep photography equipment to a minimum. I planned to walk around the city with one camera loaded with colour film, another with black and white, and use either depending on the situation. I also decided to take my  Panasonic GM1 micro four thirds sensor compact and of course a phone.

Photographic gear

A Photographic Road trip to a Different Greece – By Stelios Themelakis

Greece is usually known abroad for its hot summers, picturesque islands and amazing beaches. And rightfully so. But there is another side of Greece, outside major summer touristic destinations that is equally breathtaking. With my wife we decided to take a road trip to the most north-western part of of the country, a region filled with beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, and stone built villages. It was a great opportunity to get to use both my Bronica SQ-B and my Nikon FM and lots of film.

5 Frames with a Gifted Nikon F and Ilford Delta 400 – By Dan Smouse

I was contacted a short while back by a friend who told me she had recently purchased a home in the area. The former owners had left her with basically all their possessions, including an “old camera”. Knowing that I love photography, she told me the camera was mine if I wanted it. I couldn’t say “Yes, please!” quickly enough! My mind was instantly filled with the imaginative anticipation of what the “old camera” could be since the possibilities were endless.

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