Jupiter 8

Jupiter-8 – fluked success at modification – Finding my Perfect Classic Sonnar – PT6

In the last post in this series I talked bout how viable it is to use an unmodified Jupiter-8 on a Leica rangefinder – following on from that, I thought I might like to find out a little more about the process of modifying a Jupiter-8 for technically accurate focusing on a Leica rangefinder. Whilst the outcome of this process is not exactly the success I might have liked, I have seen some success, and to a certain degree it seems that the success I’ve had also seems seems to have come with a little less trouble than others might have found. As such I figured it would still be worth documenting my process and findings…


Jupiter-8M (Contax Mount) – Finding my perfect classic Sonnar PT4

After I posted the last instalment of this little journey to find my perfect classic Sonnar, I went straight out and shot a few photos with my Contax mount Jupiter-8M. My hopes for it being good were far exceeded, it turned out to produce quite fantastic results. So good in fact, that I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts on the Jupiter-8 family of lenses for a little while.

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