Kodak Vision 3 500T

5 frames with Kodak Vision3 in Medium Format – by Tim Lebedin

I don’t know much about movie production in general, let alone moviemaking using film. How do the cameras work, how do they process the film, the color grading, etc. etc. Its all like a black box to me. One thing I know is the actual film stock used in moviemaking these days – Kodak Vision. There used to be others, but seems like most of them are discontinued. Probably most of you are familiar with the stock by now – you can get it in every other film store/lab, lots of listings for it on ebay. With one “but”: in 35mm. Frankly speaking, I never even cared about the stuff that much – shot it once or twice, got decent results, nothing too spectacular. But you know, sometimes we all have these 2 am iPhone notes, internal dialogues, what if-s… And so had I. “If there is a medium format Cinestill, there should be a medium format Kodak Vision3, amirite?” Yeah, guys, there is.

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