Leica M-A

Tokyo in Monochrome – Part 1 – by John Paul Menez

Maybe it’s the weather mixed from the winds breaking against Mt Fuji.  Maybe it’s the mist rising off of Tokyo Bay in the mornings.  Or maybe it’s the elegant wardrobes of the sleek Edokko who all could pass for ballerinas and boxers, but as many photographers have said – the light in Tokyo falls on the streets and paints the Japanese with a unique brush.  COVID canceled a planned trip to Japan for the Olympics in 2020, but now a window of only a week from the reopening of the country to the start of a new job offered itself in October.  I’ve traveled all over the World, but never as a solo tourist in such a culturally foreign setting.  Thankfully, Tokyo is the safest place on Earth with the most gracious people.  If there was anywhere to be lost as a photographer, Tokyo is it.

5 frames with a Leica M-A, 35mm Summilux and Ilford Delta 400 – A Walk in the City in Crazy Times – by Marc Wick

In crazy times like now, where Covid 19 has spread all over the world and you do not know what will happen next week, I enjoy every minute outside. Banalities like walking around, eating in a restaurant, meeting friends, traveling have now become very precious moments. At least in many European countries, the mask found its way into our daily life. Also in pedestrian zones, the masks are everywhere.

A Heavy Visit – An Acount of Shooting an Emotive Subject – By Alex Kreisman

And the story goes like this …A foggy Saturday morning of November we arrived by car. Not too late, not too early. As soon as arrived we were to be separated into groups and put in line in order to pass Security. I have to say that they were not the most comprehensive security I’ve seen, forcing you to empty all your pockets (including jackets).Anyway, security: check!Let’s move forward.

5 (4 underexposed) frames with a Leica M-A and 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1

Ok, I’m cheating, this isn’t 5 frames it’s 4. But I only took 4, and they make a nice set… These were taken last summer in a bar in Waterloo at a Beers & Cameras meetup with my Leica M-A and 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1. I was quite drunk, and afterwards forgot I’d shot these. I assume my intention was to push the film, I’m not sure I did. One way or another they came out woefully underexposed. Still, with some careful scanning, and a fairly heavy dose of tweaking in Lightroom I managed to retrieve something of a picture from the very thin Ilford HP5+ negs.

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