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Minolta G-Rokkor 28mm f/3.5

Minolta 28mm f/3.5 G-Rokkor Review – Another Gem I’m Parting With

I’ve owned this Minolta G-Rokkor 28mm f/3.5 for quite a while now – I had Bellamy find me one after I sold my Minolta TC-1 (also bought from Bellamy), the camera from which the lens originates. There was something really special about the quality of the results from that camera that meant that whilst I was happy to let the camera itself go, I didn’t feel I could part with the lens. Despite this – for reasons I will get to – I’ve only actually used my G-Rokkor a handful of times, so I have decided to sell it. But before it goes, I thought it deserved a little bit of a send of in the form of this short review.

Minolta 28mm f/2.8 M-Rokkor – Shooting and Repairing – by Victor Doroshenko

Inertia of mind is sometimes mind boggling. I’ve started my serious photography life with Sony nex-5 camera which replaced a briefly owned Nikon D40 for the reason of compactness, but then I’ve found out there are no e-mount lenses! Particularly, I were missing a compact 35mm equivalent lens which would not cost 1000 eur (there was native sonnar 24 1.8 at the time, but not much else). So, the quest for the legacy glass which eventually led me to full-frame and the Leica world begun.

Minolta Lenses on a Nikon F3 in Iceland – by Simon King

After a recent trip to Amsterdam where I was let down by a combination of my cameras meter and my own ineptitude I decided to part ways with my Minolta XD. Although still a perfectly functional and competent camera something about continuing to use it after such a negative experience didn’t sit well with me; I needed something fresh, without the association of failure.

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