Minolta Scale Focus Camera

5 Frames with a Minolta Hi-Matic G – A Joint Effort – By Peter Roberts

I know it’s a naff way to start but I didn’t intend to buy this camera. Apart from a couple of favourites that I use on a regular basis I’ve got a waiting list of more than enough cameras sitting in the display cabinet to be tried out at least once. But an extra lens or two is a different matter. So it was while browsing you know where for Rokkor lenses that I came across it. At a very reasonable buy it now price and described as in good condition with all functions working I started to make excuses. I like Minoltas, I haven’t got a Hi-Matic of any sort, it might be useful for my partner if she’s serious about taking up film as mentioned in my last article.

Minolta Hi-Matic G

Minolta Hi-Matic G – The Bare Essentials – by Cosmo Coughlin

A few years ago, I went through a second-hand camera eBay phase. Unfortunately this phase coincided with my post-graduation unemployment phase, which had a drastic effect on the budget I had for such equipment. I would tend to spend £10-30 on a camera, shoot a roll of film with it, be unimpressed and then sell said camera for £10-30. Hardly a great business model. One camera though that surprised me and earned a place in my permanent collection however, was a £20 Minolta Hi-Matic G.

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