Nikon 35ti

Nikon 35Ti

Nikon 35 Ti – Long Term Impressions – By Lennart Klein

A typical Bremisch January day is over, and depressing rain is hammering against my living room window. I’m lying on the couch staring at my camera collection, thinking about my new year’s resolution. I promised myself I would fight my GAS problem. I bet that many of you have the same problem: “Gear Acquisition Syndrome,” or in short, you simply have too many cameras to use them all.

Nikon 28ti Nikon 35ti

Nikon 28ti and 35ti – Mini-Review – By Ahmed Al Shorouqi

I don’t understand why sometimes people complain about some missing features on a compact camera. It’s 2019 and digital is yet to give us a small full frame point and shoot the size of a wallet. Those 90s compacts are in today’s digital-world terms, full frame, fixed lens compact cameras; I don’t see any digital full frame compacts that would fit in my pocket. All I want from my compact is to be well built, quiet and have a sharp lens.

The Streets of Kuala Lumpur and Hat Yai with a Nikon 35Ti – by Nuraishah Shamsuddin

After using Canon Prima Bf-90 for a while, I decided to switch to Nikon 35ti – so I thought I would follow up my previous post with some new images. I was looking for a sharper images with greater control of depth of field. You might wonder why I chose the Nikon 35ti over the Hexar AF or Contax T2? Well, first off, I got the camera for a very good price from an analogue camera collector. The camera is still in mint condition despite being third hand. Second, certainly compared to the Hexar, it’s small and easy to snug into my bag wherever I go.

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