Nikon Df

Nikon Df – Thoughts From a Film Shooter – by David Hume

I remember the immense hype around the Nikon Df just before its release in 2013 – teaser campaigns; leaked specs, mystery mock-ups. Then came a tsunami of derision and disappointment when the Df hit the market. I was one of the disappointed ones; when I saw its bloated form in a camera-shop window I did not even bother to go inside for a closer look.


Zourkhane – a Traditional Sport in Iran – By Marc Wick

Iran is not the typical touristic hotspot, and within the last years – and now with the Coronavirus pandemic – it seems to have become much more difficult to discover this beautiful country.

But politics is the one hand, the other is the Iranian people. I was traveling alone three times in Iran and it was always a pleasure to meet these incredibly friendly and obliging people. I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. You find many beautiful places of interest like the breathtaking Imam place and the amazing bridges in Isfahan, the ancient city of Shiraz or the bazaar in Kerman just to mention a few. Also Teheran is worth seeing and, of course, the northern regions with mountains as well as the Caspian sea. Well, you see, every region has some “must see“ places of interest.

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