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TTArtisan 35mm F0.95 lens product image

TTArtisan 35mm 0.95 for Fujifilm X Mount Review – Not Just for Bokeh!

Late last year TTArtisan released the sub £200 TTArtisan 35mm 0.95 lens for APS-C systems including E/X/EOS-M/Z/RF/L Mounts. This focal length and aperture combination has been a popular choice for multiple third-party lens manufacturers, as comparative native lens options are typically quite expensive. We reported on the original release but were also able to obtain …

TTArtisan 35mm 0.95 for Fujifilm X Mount Review – Not Just for Bokeh! Read More

Leitz Summar 42mm f/4.5

Omnar LT42-45 Barnack – Leitz Summar 42mm f/4.5 – Lens Review

Most of my other lens reviews have been pretty straightforward. I’d offer a little bit of their history followed by physical characteristics, compatibility issues, and finally my subjective impressions on the images they create. I try to stay down to earth, especially when writing about Leitz/Leica lenses or those with cult-appeal, in order to demystify them. I figure in a time when the prices of vintage lenses are skyrocketing, the last thing we need is snobbery.

Meyer Optik Görlitz 58mm f/1.5 Biotar II (The New Version) Review

This review of the Meyer Optik Görlitz 58mm f/1.5 Biotar II will be the 5th I have written about these new lenses from OPC Optics, the German company that own the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand. I have enjoyed shooting them all so far, and this new 58mm f/1.5 Biotar is no exception to that, not least because of its provenance as a lens formula. That said, I have changed my approach slightly with this review. Unlike the other Meyer lenses which, as manual focus lenses, I have shot exclusively in manual focus, with this lens, for most of my testing at least, I chose to mount it to my Sony with the Techart Pro LM-EA9 and so shot it almost entirely as if it were an autofocus lens.

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