Pentax 67

5 frames with Delta 400 and a circular polarizer – By Jim Sangwine

The only filters I’ve ever used are UV or clear ones to protect my front elements on digital cameras (I know, I know). I was looking at ND filters one day to allow shooting with larger apertures in sunlight and stumbled across an article about circular polarisers. I liked how they remove reflections and add depth to cloudy skies, so I ordered a couple of cheapish Tiffens from Amazon that claim to block a stop and a half of light.

5 frames with CineStill 800T at night in Taipei – By Jim Sangwine

My wife and I went to Taiwan for 10 days in the run-up to Christmas 2019. It was our first time visiting this incredibly photogenic country, so I took a fairly ridiculous collection of films, my Leica M4-P, and my latest love – a Pentax 6×7 (the 2nd version with mirror lockup). I usually shoot B&W, largely because I can develop it at home, but for this beautiful country I felt I needed to go colour. This gave me a great opportunity to experiment with some unfamiliar stocks, perhaps the most exotic of which was CineStill 800T.

5 Frames with the Pentax 67 – By Louis Sousa

The Pentax 67 is out of character for 35mmc being big and hardly pocketable. My mirror lockup model was sourced from Jeremy at Japan Camera Hunter. Since obtaining the camera I’ve run about a dozen rolls of film through her.  Female gendering for this massive hunk of metal?  Why not?

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