5 Frames with my newly acquired Pentax 67

Well, all roads would eventually lead here. I knew it in my gut.

My dalliance with different film cameras and a desire for a certain quality took me past 35mm shooters with decent lenses, and I ended up in the world of 645 cameras: the Fuji Ga 645i, the Mamiya 645 and more recently the Pentax 645nii, which was a revelation. It was light and responsive with a very modern feel and great AF, resulting in a dslr- type experience on 120 film. The lenses for the nii were great and it provided me with the opportunity to buy and try the much lauded Pentax 67 105mm f2.4 with an adapter.  This combo was amazing, with the 105 resulting in a roughly 85mm-ish frame. The focus confirmation on the camera made it easy to use the lens and the image quality confirmed everything that I’d heard about it.

My interest piqued, I went down a Pentax 67 rabbit hole looking for a decent one for myself. They are readily available but usually come with a history of knocks, bumps and broken chains. they are getting old after all. After putting the word out to my film shooting friends I finally got a late model Pentax 67 mlu with metered finder in lovely condition and took it out to play. It’s heavy, but I’ve been lugging a Nikon D850 around with Sigma lenses for the past 5 years so it’s not that bad.

With the 105 on the camera acting as a 50mm equivalent in 35mm terms, it’s the perfect street portrait setup and has interestingly changed my approach to shooting too. due to the heft, time and cost involved with this camera, I am more commanding and specific with my subjects on the street, an approach driven by a desire to be as perfect as possible with my shots to do the camera justice.

The 67’s lenses have become part of a “higher image quality” film ecosystem I’ve put together . I’ve since acquired the 55mm f4, the 175mm f4.5 and the 135mm f4 macro + some extension tubes  , which can all be adapted onto my Pentax 645nii and Pentax 645z with Pentax’s trusty 67 to 645 adapter. this  new setup  has left a lot of my 35mm shooters on the shelf for the moment as I enjoy the lovely image quality and depth that I’d heard so much about. (on a digital note, the 645z is a stunning piece of kit and despite being around a decade old provides a wonderful shooting experience with gorgeous raw files but that’s a story for another post)

Film costs may bring me back to 35mm from the 67 in the future, but for now I bloody love it. I don’t develop my own shots, instead sending them to a lab, getting scans returned to me as uncompressed high- res TIFF files scanned with a flat profile and no sharpening so that I can give them small tweaks in Lightroom to my taste.

Here are 5 shots taken with the 67. It takes a bit of time and care to use and a steady hand but the results are mind blowing. Portra 400 has become my favourite film so far, and the meter works fine. I try to overexpose a little to get the best from my shots..

About the author:
Anil Mistry is a creative director and photographer.
You can find him on instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/anilmistryphoto/
You can see his website here: https://www.anilmistryphoto.com

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About The Author

6 thoughts on “5 Frames with my newly acquired Pentax 67”

  1. Hello Anil
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts – this inspires me again to use my “big one”.
    And definitely – to make another trip to the UK (my last one went to Brighton for a few days two years ago).
    Thank you and continue to enjoy using Film
    Andy – located in Switzerland

  2. Richard Moore

    Not sure why but it never occurred to me to use the 105mm on my 645N – will need to try that next time I’m shooting some slide film. But yeh – the 6×7 is an itch that needed scratching here too. It’s looking at me accusingly across my desk suggesting I might make the effort and take it out more often though. I’m not a street kind of guy and if you want to go unnoticed this is not the camera you’ll be using. But that said – it always gets people interested which I guess is half the job.

  3. Welcome to the club.

    I traveled along the same path as yours. My gateway camera was the Pentax 645n then wanting a taste of that 105mm/2.4f lens I got the Pentax 6×7 to 645 lens adapter.
    However that wasn’t enough and later I picked up a 6×7 MLU body.

    This lead me to jones for more lenses which forced me to buy the 55mm/4f, 135mm/4f macro, and 165mm/2.8f (which is a great portrait lenses)

    I really need to shoot with it more and make definitive plans to do so in the fall.

    Enjoy your new toy.

    Peace ☮️ ✌🏾

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