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Pentax Zoom 105 Super

Pentax Zoom 105 Super Review – By Pedro Trevino

Some context: I started negotiating yard sales, thrift stores, Craigslist, and auctions for point-and-shoot cameras in March 2017, a month after Ren Hang’s death. The idea was to dishevel my current way of shooting things – which is to say, also, seeing things – and to unravel certain rigid approaches I’d picked up using my Nikon F2S. I anted to see what sorta dust’d shake up if a camera always accompanied me; one I could shoot the way someone blinks: automatically.

Pentax Espio 120 – 1/3rd roll review

Unfortunately this is yet another post about a camera that’s failed me in use. The Pentax Espio 120 actually failed me more seriously than the few others that have failed me before too. So why write about it? Well, there’s two reasons, the first is that it has a lens that far exceeded my expectations, even at the far end of the zoom. The second is that it has a bit of a nifty trick up its sleeve when it comes to remembering (or otherwise) your desired flash settings.

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