Pentax Spotmatic

Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SLR and Takumar 55mm f1.8 lens

5 frames with the Pentax Spotmatic and developed as Stand development – By Nick Ambrose

One of my more recent projects in the darkroom has been to explore further options on how to process my black and white film. I would in the past just follow the normal method of a 30 second agitation and then 4 inversions of the developing tank every minute. This over the normal timing of somewhere between 8 to 16 seconds depending on film and ISO rating.

5 Frames with a Takumar 50mm f/1.8 on a Spotmatic (with 11 year old film) – By Nigel Cliff

On holiday in Northumberland, and needing to kill till time whilst wife and daughter were shopping, I wandered into an Antiques shop and was confronted by a Pentax Spotmatic with Takumar 50mm f/1.8. Now this is probably heresy but it was the dainty lens that I was attracted to not the camera, I know Spotmatics are legendary but I’m not a fan of cameras built like a tank however good they are… never had a Zenith either…

5 Frames with a Pentax Spotmatic – By Wesley Fortin

This past summer I did a road trip to visit my parents in southern Alberta. My insatiable desire for adventure prompted me to convince my folks to visit the provincial park Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump. This provincial park has rich historical significance to the aboriginal peoples of southern Alberta and is home to some stunning views.

5 Frames with a Pentax Spotmatic and Kominar 28mm/3.5 – By Toni Skokovic

Sometimes we get pockets of time, and these create adventures, discoveries. On a recent trip to North Carolina, decided to take a detour to a local camera store and see what they had in their “garbage” bins – boxes of as-is film photo gear. I always wanted to do a $100 exercise, walk in and …

5 Frames with a Pentax Spotmatic and Kominar 28mm/3.5 – By Toni Skokovic Read More

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