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The story behind a photo of a plastic bottle or: A (slightly defensive) response to a comment posted on my Sony A7rii review

The above is a photo of a bottle that me and Janine (my studio photographer at F8) recently took for a client.

Quite boring isn’t it? Though, technically it’s quite a good photo of an empty plastic bottle. There is an anecdotal reason for me showing you this picture, but I’ll get to that later. First I want to post a (slightly defensive) response(/rant) to a comment that was posted on my recent Sony A7rii review.

Faye and Family – A Family shoot with a difference

These are the last of the first batch of photos I have had back from UK Film Lab. Although they look like conventional family shots, they were actually shot for Faye’s business, a company called Eden Aromatics. She is launching a women’s wellbeing programme and wanted some promotional lifestyle type shots that are reflective of …

Faye and Family – A Family shoot with a difference Read More

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