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Faye and Family – A Family shoot with a difference

June 12, 2015

These are the last of the first batch of photos I have had back from UK Film Lab. Although they look like conventional family shots, they were actually shot for Faye’s business, a company called Eden Aromatics. She is launching a women’s wellbeing programme and wanted some promotional lifestyle type shots that are reflective of the happy life she now leads, and therefore the happy life she can help other women find.

The shoot itself was actually mostly made up of the video shoot we (F8) did for her, with me using the various locations as opportunities to take photos. These consisted of her home, a viewpoint near her house and a local nature reserve called the Knapp and Paper mill. Fortunately, all three provided a good opportunity to some nice shots as well as good video footage.

Unfortunately my exposure wasn’t perfect on all the images. I know this as part of the service that UK Film Lab provide is to feed back info on under and overexposure, which is quite useful really!

So here they are, a selection of my favourites from the day’s shoot with Faye and family. Like yesterdays images, they were shot on the Leica M-A, M3, 50mm cron and 90mm elmar. All shot with Portra 400 and, as I said, dev’d and scanned by Uk film lab

Faye & Family

Faye & Family

Faye & Family

Faye & Family

Faye & Family

Faye & Family

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