The Film Community has a Math Problem. Not a Film Price or Kodak Problem – By Matt Wright

On November 3, 2021, Kodak announced a film price increase of 9-15% and the film community let out a collective sigh of exhaustion citing a lack of support and commitment to the film community by film manufacturers.  This prompted two, high-profile, attempts at bringing order to the madness. Silver Grain Classics and Nico who, in similar …

The Film Community has a Math Problem. Not a Film Price or Kodak Problem – By Matt Wright Read More

Nikon ZFC

‘Cool Retro Cameras’ – The Nikon Z Fc – Just ‘Cool’? Or Something More?

I was asked the other day to share my thoughts on the ongoing retro camera design trend for an article that has since been published on Lifewire, titled ‘What’s with all these Cool Retro Cameras’. In this instance, the question was asked in response to the latest ‘cool retro camera’, the Nikon Z fc… Which even to someone as perennially uncool as me, is indeed quite obviously designed to be ‘cool’. But, for all that style is definitely a factor here, I do think there is more to this than just coolness.

No, your Pentax Spotmatic F is not better than my Leica M6! / Don’t be like Frank

I often get accused of writing click bait titles. I’m really not sure what people think the purpose of an article title is if it’s not designed to get people to read it, but nonetheless, I must admit, the title of this article is designed entirely as bait.It’s designed to bait the sort of people who would comment on another article about a Leica M6 on this very website with the words “If you guys can’t [sic] know that a Spotmatic f with a super takumar lens is better than any Leica , you don’t know shit !”

Shooting Leica Rangefinder Cameras with 3rd-Party Lenses is not a Crime!

There’s an odd misconception about the use of Leica cameras that I often get challenged with – especially on social media. As someone who frequently uses 3rd-party lenses on my Leica cameras, and posts photos of them on my Instagram, I’m often told that what I am doing is somehow wrong. Apparently, the only reason to shoot a Leica camera is to give the photographer the ability to shoot with Leica lenses. Case in point, I recently posted a photo of a Leica M6 with a Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 lens mounted and I was told: “Putting a Voigtlander lens on a M6 is like driving a Ferrari with retread tires”.

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