Ricoh Point & Shoot

Ricoh GR10

Ricoh GR10 Review – A Diamond Wrapped in Coal – By Edward Chang

The Ricoh GR: this series of cameras has had a cult following since its introduction in 1997 in the form of the debut model, simply called the GR1. I didn’t even know Ricoh made cameras when I was introduced to the series (don’t they make copiers or something?) but once I started looking down this rabbit hole, I slowly learned how deep its expertise in crafting cameras went.

Ricoh RZ-105 Zoom Date

Ricoh RZ-105 Zoom Date – Mystery Camera Review – By Ivan Palli

I first saw this camera coming up at auction (with a more revealing picture, mind) in late 2016 and its striking looks made me curious. A quick Google search revealed a full review on Popular Photography magazine of August 1993 and one of its features caught my attention even further. At first glance, other than its outrageous design, this Ricoh offered a set of specs that were pretty common for the time for a flagship camera.

Ricoh FF-90 Super

Ricoh FF-90 Super Review – A Landscape Photographer’s New Companion – By Adam Smith

A couple of months ago I found myself heading to Wilson’s, a local antiques shop. Overlooking the aqua- marine waters of Lake Michigan, this shop is a popular destination for antique hunters, tourists and those that are looking for an indoors activity on a rainy day. I often drive by, telling myself that I should stop in and take a quick look. But as is often the case, I drive by—wondering why I did not just make a quick stop—it’s just a simple right turn after all…

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