Rollei Film

Rollei Superpan 200 Film Mini-Review

I was recently introduced to this film in the shape of a couple of outdated rolls kindly enclosed with an order for Rollei Infrared 400 from Nzphotochem. Nzphotochem is a trader on the local online, e-bay-type auction site here in New Zealand ( and is an invaluable source of many less common analogue consumables.

Rollei Superpan 200 is a medium speed, monochrome film with panchromatic response and extended sensitivity into the near infrared, up to around 800 nanometers. It is also suitable for reversal processing.

5 Frames with Rollei Ortho 25 Plus

I honestly do not know what possessed me to buy this film. While I shoot a number of film speeds my usual go to is 400. Other less often but I usually stay between 100 and 800. Very rarely 3200. So 25. I assume some part of me just wanted to try something new. 

Fujica ST605n

5 Frames with a Fujica ST605n and Rollei Retro 400s

I bought my first SLR camera as a teenager back in 1981. I remember visiting the now long-gone Vic Odden’s in London Bridge and coming home with a secondhand Fujica ST605n with its slightly unsual standard lens, a Fujinon 55mm f2.2. Alongside a copy of the 35mm Photographer’s Handbook and lots of trial and error I learned how to take photographs using the basic manual controls on that solid simple camera.

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