Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter

Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter & Turning the 50mm ZM Sonnar “Atmosphere” up to 11

Once in a while, someone asks me what my favourite lens is. For a long time now the answer has remained the same – it’s the Zeiss 50mm ZM Sonnar. This is a lens that has loads of character already, but I recently wondered what would happen if I turned up some of the the character traits to 11 with a Tiffen ‘Black Pro Mist’ diffusion filter.

Pro Mist Filters

Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter (1/8), on Digital & MF film – by Pierre-Alix Favillier

I always look forward to seeing 35mmc articles popping into my inbox on a daily basis and read most of them avidly. I also listen to podcasts, read about lenses, watch YouTube videos, and love experimenting with photography. Why do I do that? I guess because a little bit like Hamish, I enjoy the process of photography almost as much as I enjoy the results. That way when I get a keeper, it’s an even better feeling, because I’ve also enjoyed sourcing and choosing the camera, a focal length, the emulsion and finally thought about how I would expose my shot before I released that shutter.

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