TTArtisan Light Meter

TTArtisan Light Meter II product image on top of camera

NEWS: TTArtisan Shoe Mount Light Meter II Upgrade Released

TTArtisan presents an upgrade to their external on-camera light meter, the TTArtisan Light Meter II. While there are a few ornamental updates, most importantly, the manufacturer has upgraded the accuracy of exposure readings by improving the metering module. A new convex lens configuration promises an improved light-gathering effect and a stepped light inlet reduces reflections. …

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TTartisan light meter

TTArtisan Light Meter Review – The Cheapest of Its Kind – By Frankie Bina

Shoe mounted light meters are slowly evolving, with different brands bringing new smaller and progressively more digital meters to the market. But the “analog” kind, with the satisfyingly clicky dials, stays highly popular among the analog photography crowd. The Voigtlander VCii still sits at the top, as the premium priced benchmark of reliable performance. Doomo Meter D came out as the more affordable, yet maybe not as accurate alternative. And recently TTArtisan decided to join this corner of the market with their own offering – the TTArtisan Light Meter – pushing the price even lower. This new model is priced around 65 USD at international sellers, half the price of Doomo and almost a quarter of the cost of the Voigtlander, making it the obvious low-budget choice. I purchased mine in China at even lower price, just 43 USD.

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