Zeiss Lenses

Zeiss Otus 55mm and 85mm Lenses on 35mm Emulsions – Owls on Film – By Bent_Brent

After posting 5-Frames with a Zeiss Otus 55mm sometime ago, a few people asked whether I’d mind sharing the results on other emulsions – so I thought ‘great idea!’, then got totally side tracked for a few years and forgot all about it. Thing is, good lenses have been able to out-resolve film for decades, so there’s really not that much point to this, except that it’s fun and it gives me an excuse to shoot film.

Skyllaney Rehoused 1930s Uncoated Zeiss Jena 50mm f/2 Sonnar – Exploring the Classic Sonnars pt.10

My exploration of Sonnar formula lenses has had a bit of a boost lately. After getting in touch with Chris from Skyllaney, he’s ended up sending me no less than 5 of the things to play with. Some of them are from his personal collection, and some were to sell in the shop, but all all 50mm lenses, and all mountable to my Leica cameras. Regular readers can possibly imagine the smile that’s put on my face?!

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