Zorki 4k

Zorki 4k

Zorki 4K Review – Following the Wisdom of Tolstoy

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” – Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer.

This quote from Russia’s most famous writer was commonly used by my grandfather, who sadly passed away recently. For a long time, I was not aware of its meaning, until the Zorki 4K, a Former Soviet Union (FSU) rangefinder, found its way into my hands. Quickly I realized that the beautiful Leica II duplicate polarizes the community quite a bit. People seem to either love or hate it. The more I was getting into the camera and the more effort I spent, this famous saying came back to my mind. Despite the camera frustrating me to no end at the beginning, I remained patient and got rewarded with true beauty. This article is about why I love the Zorki 4K and why you all should probably give FSU cameras a fair chance.

5 Frames with a Zorki 4K – By Dale Willetts

First I have an admission to make….. I have an addiction. There, I said it. Luckily my addiction is to collecting film cameras, so while it can be as expensive to feed as other addictions it isn’t as destructive (to anything but my wallet).  On a more serious note I do have a lot of cameras,  mostly 35mm compacts, though with a good selection of other types and formats thrown in for good measure.

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