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February 2, 2018

And just like that we hit February! Apparently by the end of this week, 80% of New Year resolutions will have fallen to the wayside so if your intentions were to start (or stop) something in 2018 and you’re still hanging on in there… Congratulations! You’re beating the odds like a well whipped meringue and things should start to get a bit easier from this point on.

Talking of starting something new, this week on the Sunny 16 Podcast we had Hamish on the show to discuss his new personal project, the first he has ever put his name to. Unremarkable Architecture was apparently inspired by hearing our guest Rob Knight on Ep. 85, talking about the upcoming open exhibition he is running; Connected 2018. Rob and partner Karen are responsible for founding and hosting this annual photographic show, now in its 11th year and which, having been hugely popular, will now also have a spin-off landscape focussed version later in the autumn.

Looking back at the first month of 2018 actually it seems quite a lot has happened already! Alongside the new products like the NuBox coming to Kickstarter, we’ve also had two analogue photography focussed day(s) in Roll Film Week and 127 Day (That’s the American way of writing 27th January in case you were confused). We even had two-thirds of The Sunbeams team meet in real life for the first time, up in Liverpool where we loaded our (coincidentally) matching Kodak Brownie 127s with Rera Pan 100 (courtesy of the lovely Andrew Bartram) and went out shooting. For anyone up in the northwest soon, you should also make sure you check out the Tom Wood exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery which offers a large exhibition of analogue prints taken during the 1980’s and 1990’s, capturing a colourful and fascinating glimpse of society and scouse life during that period. To find out more about the joys and tragedies of Graeme’s northern adventure, have a listen to Ep. 87 it’s a real Lion King story about the circle of life.

Since our last post, we’ve also been lucky enough to catch up with Stephen Dowling of Kosmo Foto to discuss ice hockey, Russian arms companies and the joys (and difficulties) of soviet cameras. Knowing that with the upcoming second batch, these delightful little boxes of monochrome film will soon be hitting the shelves of real photographic stores is very exciting news.

As with the original online pre-orders, Kosmo Foto are giving a new lease of life to an existing emulsion in their own unique and beautifully designed way and for the early adopters, by shooting and sharing work, there is also the opportunity to become a ‘Kosmonaut’ receiving more film and special bonus gifts as a thank you for becoming part of the programme. You can hear more of Stephen’s interview including his fascinating background shooting some of the top bands and gigs on analogue here in Ep. 86.

And finally, Graeme had a ‘bright idea’ (which I had to follow through) and suggested that we release a second podcast episode last week. It was the first hosted solely by female photographers where myself, Isabel Curdes and Tina Rowe discussed analogue processes, book-binding and creative blocks in a special ‘Women of Analogue’ show. If you’d like to hear more you can find that episode here!

Until next time… #ShootFilmBeNice 😉 Rachel (& The Sunbeams)

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