A day in hospital – First roll with the Olympus mju-iii Wide 100

Quite a personal post this one, even by my standards. Yesterday, me and the wife spent a day in the hospital. Nothing too serious fortunately, but serious enough for us to have to spend 11 hours there. As you can probably see, she is pregnant, I won’t go into details – it isn’t necessary – but suffice to say it was to do with the pregnancy we were there. Thankfully, all is good now, nothing to worry about, she is home and all is happy.

To be honest, neither of us were too worried whilst we were in the hospital really, not after she had clearly started to feel better. In fact after a point the main emotion was probably boredom more than it was anything else. We sat in the same room for somewhere around 10 hours I think. During our time there we chatted, we watched a film (Rain Man), tinkered on our phones etc… and of course, I took photos!

Having spent quite a bit of time with the Konica AiBORG recently my feelings toward compact cameras has been mixed. Its been nice shooting a point & shoot, but as you will find out in the forthcoming review, shooting the Konica is anything but a bed of roses. So when it came to picking up a camera as I left the house yesterday morning the first thing that came to hand was the Olympus mju-iii wide 100.

I shall be reviewing this camera as some stage in the future, but for now I shall just say that it’s rebuilt my faith in the humble point & shoot… Here’s the results – shot on ilford XP2 and developed and scanned by Max Speilman in town. After all the faff with colour film recently, it was lovely going back to just thinking about light and shade and not worrying about things like the colour of artificial light etc.

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

A day in hospital

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9 thoughts on “A day in hospital – First roll with the Olympus mju-iii Wide 100”

  1. Looks good. I love the grain, the shot of your wife looking out the open window says a lot.
    Hospitals can be pretty shitty places to be but surprisingly good for photo’s. We have 4 young boys so i feel qualified to comment on your hospital photography! 🙂

    1. Hi Carl,
      4 boys! That must be… Entertaining… ! 😉
      XP2 grain is a wonderful thing, and it definitely suits the location somehow!

  2. Firstly, I didn’t know you and your wife were expecting again, so congratulations and I am glad mother and baby were fine by the time you left the hospital. Secondly, these shots look REALLY good!

  3. I’m glad everything is fine! I remember those trips to the hospital … And I’m always amazed what you can do with a P&S. I myself have given up on them. I just can’t produce anything nice with them.

    1. Thanks Urban…
      And thank you, I think it’s just knack… Used to the silly idiosyncrasies that need overcoming. Helps when they have a good lens and good autoexposure

  4. The main thing is for a safe birth of your kid!

    Other than that, the photos are really good. They tell the story. With photographs like these, the camera is unimportant when it comes to viewing the results. However, as you say, it does build confidence in the point and shoot camera when it can produce such excellent images. Wonderful set Hamish.

    Best of all wishes to you both.

    1. I could t agree more… All is fine though now, at least as far as we can tell.
      Arguably of course the camera is always irrelevant to the viewer, but it’s nice to hear someone say it in the context of some of my photos. By blog being what it is, the photos themselves sometimes feel a little hidden behind the context in which I place them – although, I sometimes think of this as an advantage 🙂
      Thanks Jeremy
      (All been ok? You’ve been quiet, then a sudden burst of activity…)

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