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NEWS: ‘VALOI’ Film Holder Coming to Kickstarter Next Week

November 5, 2020

The new ‘VALOI’ Film Holder is coming to Kickstarter Next Week (now live) and there is a newsletter sign-up on the website to get yourself in with a chance of grabbing an early bird here.

Regular readers might have noticed I get a little bit excited about film holders – this is of course because I brought pixl-latr to market, but I also find all advances in this corner of the film photography industry very interesting. The last one I spoke about on here was the Cameradactyl Mongoose which I had a lot of time for because of how much it could automate the process.

This new one ‘VALOI is interesting to me because of its level of functionality and – more specifically – its price point. I have seen this thing working in videos, and though I can’t say much about what it does due to the press embargo, what I can get away with saying is that it is shaping up to be a strong competitor to the most premium brand in the industry but at a price point that will make it significantly more attractive to a lot more people.

The photos here have obviously been underexposed to hide the products full glory, but they certainly give some clues.

VALOI is a film holder that’s being brought to market by Wicher van Lambalgen and Arild Edvard Båsmo – if you recognise Arild’s name, it’s because he is the camera-scanning geek who wrote this article about Grain2Pixel. He is, by all accounts a bit of an expert in his field. He is also someone I have been chatting to behind the scenes about this project for a long time. Though there isn’t much on the teaser page for VALOI, he did share the following with me for sharing as part of this article:

VALOI, with Kamerastore as our partner, is launching a campaign to fund production of a film holding system for camera scanning 35mm and medium format film up to 6×9. The holders can be used on their own or be coupled with the quick advance frame for additional features.

So there you are… make of that what you will, all will be revealed in much more detail when the kickstarter is launched next week.

Valoi is now live on Kickstarter here



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