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NEWS: Intrepid Launch 5×7 Camera & #SaveAnalogCameras 2020 Survey

July 10, 2020

Just a quick note before I talk about todays news, I’m Josh, I’m the new guy on the 35mmc team. Hamish has recently employed me to help out with pixl-latr primarily, but I will also be reporting some of the latest analogue news for 35mmc too. If you have some photography news that you would like to get out to the world, similar to that below, then please drop us a email.

Intrepid Launch 5×7 Camera

On the back of the success of their previous models, Intrepid is launching a new 5×7 camera. Coming in at 1.4KG it’s light as a feather in LF terms, its a perfect balance between a larger negative than 5×4 and more portability than an 8×10 camera.

Having the knowledge and experience of the previous cameras behind them, Intrepid is using the same tried and tested quality assembly parts as before. That being; sealed birch plywood for the front and rear standards, anodised aluminium front supports, water-resistant triple-layered Nylon bellows & the 3D printed aspects of the camera are made using a sustainable resin for the eco-conscious among us. Which should be all of us really…

The most attractive thing to me is the focus locking as soon as you stop turning. That would be a great feature for me when using wider apertures for portraits for really fine-tuning the focus. I’ve always appreciated Intrepid’s eye for design and its no less apparent in this latest model.

Intrepid is working away on a 5×7 film holder right this moment for those that struggle to find secondhand pieces. Additionally, they’re going to be releasing reducing backs for both 7×5 to 4×5 & 8×10 to 7×5. Increased compatibility is always a good thing!


Max bellows extension: 380mm
Min bellows extension: 90mm

Max Front Rise/Fall: 70mm / 25mm
Max Front Shift: +/- 40mm
Max Front Tilt +/- 45o
Max Front Swing +/- 45o
Rear Tilt + / – 30o

Folded dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 90mm
Weight: 1.45 kg
Intrepid 5×7 lens board: 108mm x 108mm
Lenses from 90mm – 360mm

High quality ground glass screen with a 1/2” grid
Tripod mounts 1/4” and 3/8”

Available to order now with black, blue, green or red bellows
Current lead time: 4-6 weeks | Price: £380 (including VAT)

Get your here

Intrepid 7x5 rear view

#SaveAnalogCameras 2020 Survey

Initially sent out in 2017 amassing a large response, the #SaveAnalogCameras survey is back for 2020. Its motivations differ slightly this time around but it remains equally important to fill in as the last and should give the community and industries tangible data on development in the market in the last three years. Juho from Camera Rescue covers this in greater detail which you can take a look at here. The survey is running for a month so you’ve got time, but don’t forget!

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    Terry B
    July 10, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    Hi, Josh. Just saying “hello” and looking forward to your input to the site.

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