Graffiti wall photographed on the new Orwo Wolfen NC500 cine c41 colour film

Update from Orwo on New Colour C41 Cine Film!

The new colour film from Orwo is one final step closer to being sent out into the wider world of hungry film photographers. Orwo confirmed that production started on the Wolfen NC500 cine film in their German factory on July 4th. Pre-orders are expected to begin shipping at the end of July.

The film with be a C41 cine colour film made in various formats for both photographers and filmmakers. This will include cine formats of 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, 65mm, and then in still form of 35mm with 36 exposures. Right now, the still 35mm format is available to pre-order on the website here. Pre-ordering for the other formats is still being finalized and will be announced soon once the details are confirmed.

The team at Orwo has published a few iterations of sample images and tests of the new film since March 2020. The latest will be the test that will go into production. Orwo says, ‘We feel that these new sample photos produced by our team show a strong progression from our previous tests, dating back to our first developments in 2020. More parallel sensitometric curves and an even distribution lead to stable results in colour reproduction with a high exposure tolerance.’ (source: Orwo NC500 article)

Graffiti wall photographed on the new Orwo Wolfen NC500 cine c41 colour film
Image courtesy of Orwo team.

In the interest of the medium format photographers out there, I asked Orwo if the film would be made in 120 still format. They said, ‘We are currently not planning to make these films available in 120. However, this is always a possibility for the future.’

Legendary Colours

Orwo says about the characteristics of the new film, ‘At the core of our new film lies a unique chemical formula based on the wonderful and legendary Agfa stock last used in the Oscar winning film ‘Out of Africa’. Famous for their greens, desaturated shadows and enhanced grains, these are all aspects that we are embracing for our new addition.’

The company was formed as an off-shoot from Agfa back in 1909 and today have become known for their black and white films which are used in wide range of productions and materials including movies, film duplication, sound recording, print, and more. They are also involved in film processing and distribution.

Graffiti wall and trashcan photographed on the new Orwo Wolfen NC500 cine c41 colour film
Image courtesy of Orwo team.

The Orwo films have featured in many motion picture productions and commercials and they even teased a new one that might be made entirely with this new film stock! If you are a fan of films made on film, this is one to look out for. If it interests you, check out Orwo’s film and TV studios in both the US and UK.

For now, head over to this link if you would like to pre-order the 36 exposure rolls of 35mm still format Wolfen NC500.

Images and references in this article used with permission from the Orwo team.

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4 thoughts on “Update from Orwo on New Colour C41 Cine Film!”

  1. This Orwo film looks very interesting to me for 35mm stills and hopefully will be available for general sale before too long. Having unique pleasant looking colours will differentiate it from digital. I can’t find any reference, whether it is tungsten or daylight balanced. Being cine film I imagine it will be tungsten balanced. I shot a great deal of cine film for television before digital and it was virtually all tungsten which suits me, using 85b filters for daylight. I hope the film is better than their website. It’s probably just me but I got into an infinite loop confirming I am not a robot.

    1. Hi Graham! Good question – the film is based on the Agfa stock used in Out of Africa – XT320 – and this film says both tungsten and daylight with different ISOs, so very interesting cine film. Great that you can use it with filters for daylight! I don’t have any problems on their website but hope that fixes soon for you!

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