Orwo Film

Canister of PHC-50 with a Pentax ME Super

5 Frames with BCG PHC-50 (aka ORWO Tf12d) – By Don Goodman-Wilson

I’m fascinated by the idea of using unusual film stock to achieve a specific look. While shopping around online for Kodak Ektar 100, I stumbled upon a small, funky camera store in Nijmegen (Netherlands) that, in addition to the Ektar I was looking for, markets its own brand of film under the “Brownie Camera Guy” (BCG) mark. They have two lines, P-400 which is a fast panchromatic film, and PHC-50, a high contrast, super-panchromatic film. Both are evidently hand-rolled from ORWO stock. While I can’t determine what stock the P-400 is rolled from, the PHC-50 is pretty clearly ORWO Tf12d technical film for audio recording. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist trying something so weird out. (Note: I have no affiliation with this store, except as a happy customer.)

Graffiti wall photographed on the new Orwo Wolfen NC500 cine c41 colour film

Update from Orwo on New Colour C41 Cine Film!

The new colour film from Orwo is one final step closer to being sent out into the wider world of hungry film photographers. Orwo confirmed that production started on the Wolfen NC500 cine film in their German factory on July 4th. Pre-orders are expected to begin shipping at the end of July.

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