The Traveling Yashica: Sergio Novo (Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain)

When I found this project I loved it! I have a similar project in my country too, on a national level, called “La cámara con alas” (“Winged Camera“). In this project we have eight cameras with different formats. I still haven’t dared to send one abroad…

Here are my photos from the Yashica

IMG_20150926_0005 IMG_20150924_0025 IMG_20150924_0018 IMG_20150924_0029
About the camera I have to say that I loved its quietness and discretion. Its ergonomics invites us to carry it in our pockets.
As a collector myself, I have always had it in my wishlist, and after this experience it has raised positions.
In my photos I am showing you a stroll through my hometown, Aranjuez, known for its Royal Palace and Gardens, and the also known adagio “Concerto de Aranjuez” by the maestro Joaquín Rodrigo.
IMG_20150926_0004 IMG_20150926_0001 IMG_20150924_0028 IMG_20150924_0024 IMG_20150924_0023 IMG_20150924_0022 IMG_20150924_0020
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed my experience with “Traveling Yashica“.

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