Lomography LomoApparat with accessories

Introducing the LomoApparat – Lomography’s New Experimental Film Camera

I hope you are sitting down for this exclusive scoop. Lomography has released another new camera! Introducing the LomoApparat, a compact experimental 35mm film camera designed to deliver classic analogue results and lightweight enough to bring with you everywhere.

The star of the show on this new camera is a beautiful wide-angle 21mm plastic lens that comes with three lens attachments: close up, kaleidoscope, and splitzer. The lens has a natural minimum focusing distance of 0.5 meters but with the close up attachment, you can get up to 0.2 meters. Use the kaleidoscope for fun and experimental results while the splitzer lets you explore different multiple exposure compositions.

close up attachment for LomoApparat
Image courtesy of Lomography

Hannah from the Lomography team shares her first hand experience trying out the LomoApparat:

‘Shooting with the LomoApparat was a joy, and a reminder of the reasons I was originally so excited by Lomography. It has a sleek, classic look and every gadget and gizmo fits neatly into this tiny body, from the sliding flash filters to the lens cover and MX button, it’s all in there. The lens attachments slide on easily and the Kaleidoscope lens is just really fun, try it with the MX button for some weird results. My favourite part of this camera is the lens, 21mm is lovely and wide and makes everything super easy. Street shots, portrait, you’ve got room for everything in here.’

multiple exposure of man wearing sunglasses
Image courtesy of Lomography
multiple exposure with flash gels of woman in studio
Image courtesy of Lomography

Lomography also shared reactions from other testers of the camera with us:

“The LomoApparat caught me off guard before I even snapped a frame. The look of the thing really pops. The lens hood, sleek style, unusual flash design and overall silhouette bring an elevation to the proceedings.” – Ben Fraternale

“The analogue world is evolving with amazing results, it’s not a static world at all. I think it’s a great message of counter-trend in a world that focuses on ‘everything and now’: having new tools to help you tell your story and to teach you the value of waiting is of extraordinary value.” – Francesca Bianchi

LomoApparat held up to camera by person
Image courtesy of Lomography
beach scene with bridge in background
Image courtesy of Lomography
person in car with feet sticking out the window smiling taken on LomoApparat
Image courtesy of Lomography
long exposure on LomoApparat at night with city lights
Image courtesy of Lomography


The camera is designed to be easy to use for anyone to enjoy experimenting with the different features. Aperture is fixed at f/10. Shutter speed is also fixed at 1/100 (N) but there is a Bulb (B) mode option. Focus is set from 0.5 meters to infinity, but with the close up lens attachment you can get up to 0.2 meters away. Flash is automatically set to on, but there is a manual off switch if you want more control. It is powered by 1 AA battery and comes with an interchangeable color gel system for additional experimental fun. There is also no limit on the amount of multiple exposures users can shoot on one frame.

LomoApparat package from Lomography
Image courtesy of Lomography

The LomoApparat will be available in a classic black leather design retailing for £89 and a “Neubau” edition clothed in real Italian leather and a bold turquoise stripe for £99. If this is something you think would make a good holiday gift this year, Lomography is offering express shipping options from their online shop.

Click here to head over to Lomography’s shop site for more info on the LomoApparat!

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3 thoughts on “Introducing the LomoApparat – Lomography’s New Experimental Film Camera”

  1. In view of the war in Ukraine started by Russia, it’s a pity a Russian product is being promoted and which will put money into Putin’s coffers. It’s difficult not to politicise events, but I firmly believe a stance needs to be taken, however small.

    1. The LCA+ is now made in China, and has been for years, as is this camera. Lomography also no longer work with Zenit (Shvabe) for the lenses, and hadn’t for a while before the war. The styling and name are of course connected to the soviet era, but that’s all. There is no connection to Russia.

      1. Thanks for this correction, Hamish.
        When I googled “are lomo cameras made in Russia” the first link that google threw up tied the company to St. Petersburg.

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