Travelling from Lexington to Rhode Island – Canonet 28 roll #3

By Bob Janes

You can read about the Travelling Canonet project here. We have over 50 photographers on 4 continents waiting to take part. Two Canonets are involved, each travelling in a different direction. The idea is to take 5 or more shots and then send the camera on to the next person on the list. Previous pictures from the first and Second rolls from this camera and the first roll from the Original Canonet are also available on 35mmc.

The Canonet 28 was an additional camera which is working through the list of participants in the opposite direction to the original camera. This posting covers the third film and follows the Canonet’s continuing journey across the USA.

This is a truncated roll, with shots from just two photographers on it. This isn’t due to any malfunction on the camera (which still seems to be holding up quite well), but because the next person wanted to shoot with a differently rated film.


“All of those shots were taken around the Washington & Lee University campus in Lexington, Virginia USA. I thought about it a bit and I don’t have much more commentary to add on them. I will look forward to any commentary from the blog readers, though.”

Frame 1. An out-of-focus gazebo beyond the crest of a hill
Frame 2. A grassy slope leading to a board fence
Frame 3. Steps leading down the hillside to the Woods Creek Trail
Frame 4. The corner of a parking garage
Frame 5. Beneath the walkway leading to the Elrod Commons
Frame 6. Beneath the footbridge leading to the sports field
Frame 7. Steps leading from the law school to student housing
Frame 8. A tree in the parking lot next to the tennis center


“My name is Lou Sousa and I am a camera-holic living in Bristol, Rhode Island USA.  It was a pleasure to participate in this project, being my second Canonet travel experience.  The first was initiated by me and is here.

I enjoyed shooting the Canonet in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.  I exposed the 400 speed Rollei film at ISO 100 consistent with prior images on the roll.  Highlights and shadows held up well.  I let the camera do the work in A priority. The RAW images were overexposed meaning the camera’s shutter speeds are slow.  The 500 top shutter speed left blurred motion on the skatebord shot.  This was a great experience with a legendary camera.”

Frame 9. Ring. An intriguing mural.  Murals abound on the city’s buildings
Frame 10. Lamp Post.  A lamp post backed by another mural.  I liked the shadow
Frame 11. Woman on Westminster.  I wish now for the courage to get closer and ask for a portrait
Frame 12. Elevate.  Skateboarder catching air
Frame 13. Edge Rider.  Peeling off the edge
Frame 14. Chillin’.  These boarders were kind to agree to pose
Frame 15. Bed Early.  A saying I – a night owl, should heed

Summing up

That brings this slightly shorter posting to a close. I still find it facinating to see a slice of different lives in different places – and I’d reccomend people to follow Lou’s link to his See the world with Victoria pages – a lovely and rather poigniant tribute.

My thanks to both contributors for bringing a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.


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By Bob Janes
Retired IT guy. Volunteer stem-cell courier. Interested in education, photography and local history. Lives in Greenwich, SE London, UK.
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