NEWS: Intrepid 4×5 Limited Run Hardwood Cameras

By Holly Gilman

Launching on November 15th is a new addition to the Intrepid Camera lineup: The 4×5 Hardwood. These cameras are premium editions of the Intrepid 4×5 cameras and will be available in cherry, walnut and mahogany, all with black bellows.

Intrepid cameras are more often made of plywood, but in the case of this new range, each camera is cut from a single piece of wood. The wood is then finished by sanding and varnishing by hand. The result of this are cameras that each have a unique grain.


The Hardwood 4×5 has all of the same features as the Intrepid 4×5 MK4. The base and front standard supports are anodised aluminium for increased stability and the bellows Intrepid’s water-resistant Nylon.

The camera also features Intrepid’s rear controlled focusing system for precise focusing and dual front standard controls so the photographer can control the rise/fall and tilt movements independently.


The rear standard can also be rotated 360° for changing between portrait and landscape orientation with magnets lock to lock the position.

The ground glass is held in place by high tension leaf springs and is also removable. The rear standard has ‘Graflok clips’ meaning it is compatible with a whole range of roll film adapters (from 6×6 to 6×17), Polaroid and other instant film backs and of course the Intrepid 4×5 Enlarger.


The total weight of the camera is 1.2kg and it is manufactured and hand-assembled in Brighton, UK.

Intrepid Wood Choices
Intrepid Wood Choices

Wood choices

  1. Cherry – warm golden brown with straight fine grain (the lightest colour of the three woods)
  2. Mahogany – deep reddish dark brown with detailed straight and ring grain
  3. Walnut – cool dark brown with soft, largely straight grain detail

There will be an initial batch of 60 (20 of each wood). Once they sell out the next limited run will be available in January. This limited edition run is available to purchase from the Intrepid Shop now!

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