5 Frames with a Konica Big Mini F – By Kamburger

Hi! I’m Kam, but you can call me Kamburger (because I love hamburgers). I have recently moved from Hong Kong to London for work. Hong Kong is such a busy and crowded city but I noticed many people spending time alone, resting, and slowing things down. So I started taking photos of them and used the hashtag #lonemantic.

Since I explore on foot a lot, I prefer compact cameras as they are easy to carry around and are fairly unobtrusive. The Konica Big Mini F is my favourite of half a dozen compacts in the collection. It feels a little plasticky, has a loud shutter and noisy film rewind, and the rubbery buttons are hard to press. Oh, the electronics are rumoured to fail too. But I love it simply because some of my favourite #lonemantic photos were taken with it.

The lens on the F has a certain subtle rendition and soft out-of-focus-ness about it that suits my theme well. Exposure and focusing are mostly spot on, backlighting and flare are kept under control. Colours are great too!






Hope you enjoyed my “5 Frames with” post! I’m rather active on social media – you can find me at instagram.com/kamburger and twitter.com/kamburgerhk



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8 thoughts on “5 Frames with a Konica Big Mini F – By Kamburger”

  1. Nice job !
    Where did you find your Big mini f and how much did it cost you ? Because I only found some on Ebay for 200-300$ …
    Have a good day 😉

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