EVENT: Analogue Spotlight – The Photography Show Virtual Event – This Weekend

By Hamish Gill

This coming Sunday/Monday is The Photography Show virtual event, where amongst all of the usual sorts you find at the show, you will find a whole host of interesting analogue stuff on the virtual “Analogue Spotlight”.

You might remember earlier this year, I was banging on about how The Photography Show was going to be made even better by a new area called “The Analogue Spotlight“. Of course, the show was cancelled and with it, the Spotlight. But… as hopefully many of you will already know, The Photography Show didn’t die.

In fact, they are already planning the next real-life show next year (with their fingers crossed I imagine), but in the meanwhile, they have organised a FREE to attend online version of the show!

You can find lots of details about the wider show here – there’s a lot of interesting photography brands, talks and things to see. But, of course, the really interesting bit is the Analogue Spotlight.

On the Analogue Spotlight, you will find a series of videos you can watch, as well as a chat room where a whole load of us from the analogue community will at various times be there to chat and answer questions.

Who’ll be there:

The Analogue Spotlight is being manned by a few of the brands and other people from the community who were originally involved in the real-life show.
Those include:

Me & Josh –  pixl-latr and 35mmc
Paul Mckay –  Analogue Wonderland 
Duncan Gamon – Silverpan Film Lab
Juho Leppänen – Camera Rescue
Steve Lloyd – Chroma Camera
Stephen Dowling – Kosmo Foto
Nikki – Bellini/Nick & Trick
Rachel Brewster-Wright – Little Vintage Photography
John Whitmore – The Darkshed
Bill Manning – Studio C41
Marina Llopis – IFWEFILM
Em – Emulsive
Marwan Mozayen & Charys – Silvergrain Classics
Simon Forster – Classic Lenses Podcast / Large Format Photography Podcast
Andrew Bartram – Large Format Photography Podcast 

These folks will be available at the stands throughout various times on Sunday & Monday and you will be able to get in contact with each of them for a chat or a video call.


In addition to having everyone on the stands, there will be a series of video-talks and promotional videos purpose made for the Photography Show which you will be able to access on the days and thereafter. These Include:

Me – “A Primer into Digitising film with a Digital Camera”
Paul – “Beyond Black and White – Exploring the Wonderland of Film Photography”
Silverpan Filmlab – “Your Film, Your Way”
Juho – “Introducing the Camera Rescue project”
Steve – “Chroma – The Unique Large Format Camera System”
Stephen – “Kosmo Foto – A boutique British film brand” & “A beginner’s guide to Soviet cameras”
Rachel – “A Cyanotype Printing demonstration”
John – “Setting up a darkroom for your first print”
Bill – “Behind the Scenes of a Film Photography Podcast”
Marina – “Breaking the MYTH of a Good Photographer”

Sign Up – it’s FREE

So if you’d like to chat to a bunch of is in a chat room on Sunday or Monday, or fancy checking out any of those videos – or indeed like the idea of a virtual Photography Show, register for FREE, here


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By Hamish Gill
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