5 Frames with an Olympus MJU-I – By Kushal Karki

Hackney Wick has become a haven for creatives over the last 5 years, the once wasteland of London has been converted into acres and acres of space for artists of all formats, so what better place to test my Olympus Mju-i out, than the Wick-It would be a fitting place, considering the celebration of vintage fashion within that area!

The Olympus Mju-i is the predecessor to the widely popular and iconic Mju-ii, the Mju-i comes at half the price of its successor, and with little difference. The lens is sharp, the look and feel of the camera are very sleek, the controls are very easy to use and the auto-focus for a point-and-shoot is very good.

I guess the main differences to the Mju-i are that the Mju-ii shows less vignetting and is probably a tact sharper, especially around the corner. The light meter is also slightly better on the Mju-ii and does much better during darker hours. But overall, the Mju-i is really a bang for your buck and an excellent (almost perfect) alternative to the significantly more expensive Mju-ii.


Overall. I think this camera really captured the essence of Hackney Wick and this wonderful warehouse space that is nestled in the heart of the Wick. I decided to shoot a roll of Portra-400 and experiment with the auto-flash, as you can see the pictures for a point and shoot that I bought for £10 is quite sharp, and the fill flash does a great job in getting the necessary details in the frame, for exactly the type of look I was going for.

flowerpot shop

artist girl

All I have to say is that this camera is built so well, and perfect for the street photographer. It can be so daunting, especially as a beginner to go around taking photos in public, but this camera quells any worries due to its size and speed. It’s a nice little camera to pull out and take a snapshot for when you want to capture moments you just can’t miss, almost like a more refined mobile phone camera, just with the added joy and experience of shooting film! Just watch out for the light leaks! Although, I do like the vintage feeling it provides to my frame.


boat bar

Overall, I’ve truly enjoyed shooting with this camera, and I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy the ease and convenience this camera provides. It’s one that you should be taking on holiday, and with travel being an option again in the new year, I think I’ll be taking more shots with my Olympus Mju-i.

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9 thoughts on “5 Frames with an Olympus MJU-I – By Kushal Karki”

  1. Bought one for a fiver about 18 months ago and it was an excellent little camera, then I saw what they were going for and decided to sell it,£45 profit not to be sneezed at

  2. I don’t know if prices for these point and shoots are drastically different in the U.K. compared to the U.S. or not. But I don’t know where you can find a Mju-i for 10 GBP anymore, unless you get really lucky at a boot sale or find one in some back cupboard at grandma’s house. A quick search of Ebay sold listings indicates these Mju-i typically sell for at least $150 USD and frequently $200 or more. Compared to Mju-ii prices, there is still significant overlap between the two camera models, with some people crazy enough to spend $300-400 USD for a Mju-ii. In any event, a 10 GPB Mju-i is a great deal and lots of camera for the money, but spending anywhere close to the “going rate” is just stupid. You are both lucky and happy, which is a good combo!

      1. I recently found a working and in good condition “Stylus Zoom 140” at a thrift shop $3 USD. I’ve put one roll through the camera and am happy with the results, but then I checked how much these are going for on eBay and was shocked! Now I’m actually feeling guilty for holding onto it.

  3. Great shots! My son until recently lived in Hackney Wick in one of the warehouses as a musician. I sent him the article partly because he knows the place but also because I have mju 2. He knows the character in the 3rd photo!!

  4. The mju I actually works better for me than the mju II. Mainly because the lowest shutter speed of 1/15s which allows for decent low light shots. I find the 2 seconds on the mju II (and many other compacts) downright unusable for hand held shots. I don’t know who uses these cameras on tri-pods anyway.. A lowest shutter speed of around 1/15 and a bulb setting for longer exposures would be my ideal setup on a point and shoot camera.

    The lens on the mju II might be sharper, but I find the contrast and color rendering of the mju I a touch nicer. And the ergonomics are also slightly better. The prices are creeping up though…

  5. My wife had a couple of these. They came to an inglorious end through theft and an inability to float in the Gulf of Maine. Ah, those were adventurous times.
    The creative spaces you photographed resemble the studio spaces our daughter was assigned when she was in her MFA program. Cubicles separated by canvas curtains. An odd, but a creative bunch of artists.
    I wish we had a building filled with creatives like you have. It looks like a community of sharing & caring people. It’d be fun to spend the day poking about.
    Wishing you a good, safe photo year.

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