9 February, 2024

5 Colour Frames with a Yashica Mat TLR

By Timothy Hancock

My Dad got me into photography in the sixties, and I still use his Edixamat Reflex 35mm camera – it is built like a tank and after a CLA works a treat. His dream camera h...

23 October, 2023

5 Frames Beta Testing an Alfie Tych

By Hamish Gill

I really like beta testing cameras and lenses. Obviously I do this for my own lenses, but I’ve also beta tested the likes of Pixii which was a real treat for a rangefinde...

23 July, 2023

5 Frames with my newly acquired Pentax 67

By Anil Mistry

Well, all roads would eventually lead here. I knew it in my gut. My dalliance with different film cameras and a desire for a certain quality took me past 35mm shooters with dece...