Yashica t5 agfa vista

The Traveling Yashica: First stop in Munich, Germany

So here they are the shots from the first stop of the Traveling Yashica. Unfortunately I had a lab scan the negatives and they did a really, really bad job. Well, you get what you pay for, I guess. Next time I’ll send my films to a better lab …

So enough moping, what about the camera? Well, it is all they say it is! It feels incredibly well made (for a plastic camera) and is a total joy to use. You trip the shutter and the image is taken almost immediately. Unlike most other point and shoots (I’m looking at you Konica Big Mini). And the film advance is totally quiet. And did I mention the super scope? People say it’s tiny, but it’s not that bad at all and comes in handy more often than you’d expect.

That’s it from me. I can’t wait to see the results other people get with this camera.

Urban over and out.

Yashica T5 - 17 Yashica T5 - 2 Yashica T5 - 8 Yashica T5 - 14 Yashica T5 - 15 Yashica T5 - 16

I’ve posted a few more shots on my personal blog.

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