Sunbeams News: The Kodak Alaris / Analogue Wonderland Summer Holidays Competition!

Hey folks, it’s us again, back so fast you probably didn’t realise we’d even left. Why the hasty return? One word – Competition!

One word definitely isn’t enough, so here’s more of what you need. On this weeks show we were joined by Paul Mckay from the online film store Analogue Wonderland, and Andy Church from Kodak Alaris. Yes, that Kodak Alaris. There was a lot of super interesting conversation, but the main reason for them joining us was to announce their new Summer Holidays Competition!

This is a competition just for analogue photographers worldwide, and gives you a chance to win a splendid goodie bag of Kodak film, including (when it’s ready) a roll of the much anticipated Ektachrome!

Not only that, but for the duration of the competition anyone who buys any Kodak film from Analogue Wonderland will also get a FREE roll of Kodak Colorplus film – more on that later.

So what do you have to do? Well, as you’ve probably figured out by now the theme for this competition is “Summer Holidays” – whatever that means to you. All you have to do to enter is submit a photograph you’ve taken on Kodak film to the competition page HERE. You can submit as many entries as you like taken between now and September 3rd. You don’t have to buy your Kodak film from Analogue Wonderland, but the entries do have to be shot on Kodak film, and it’s being judged by someone from Kodak Alaris so they know they’re looking at!

There are two separate categories, one for beginners (people who have started shooting film in the last year) and one for proficient shooters (everyone else). The winner of each category will get the aforementioned Kodak goodie bag, with the Ektachrome when it’s good and ready.

So about that Colorplus film. A big part of this competition centres around the desire to get more people engaged with analogue photography, so the hope is that you’ll use your free roll of film to introduce a friend, or a loved one, or a random stranger, or your postman, or, well, you get the idea, to shooting film. Lend them one of your precious cameras (make it a cheap one if you’ve gone down the random stranger route), and teach them the joys of analogue photography!

Perhaps once they’ve shot their roll of film they can enter a shot in the beginners competition, and if they win you can definitely guilt them into sharing their prize with you! They (@analoguewland and @kodakprofilmbiz on twitter) are really keen to see any stories of you spreading the film love, as are we, so tweet your experiences using the hashtag #firstframeoffun, because hashtags are fun! Apparently…

That’s about it, you can find all the details, rules, terms and conditions HERE, and you can hear all about the how the competition came to be, as well as a whole lot of insight into what’s going on at Kodak Alaris on this weeks Sunny 16 Podcast – don’t miss it!

Good luck and happy shooting everyone, the holidays are coming, and they’re the good ones with Sun and bbq’s and cocktails, not the crap ones with permanent cold and a fat bloke in red pyjamas. May the most Summer Holiday Photo’s WIN!


The Sunbeams

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2 thoughts on “Sunbeams News: The Kodak Alaris / Analogue Wonderland Summer Holidays Competition!”

  1. Must all submissions be from Kodak Alaris, or can submissions be from Kodak Rochester? Such film stocks would include repurposed motion picture film (not including Cinestill) and still film manufactured prior to Kodak Alaris’ division from Kodak.

  2. Outstanding question Andrew, thank you.
    After some soul-searching…. we have decided to say Yes go for it! You shouldn’t be penalised for using expired/old film, and we’re impressed enough with people who repurpose motion picture film to allow Kodak versions of that as well.

    Happy Shooting, and we look forward to your results!

    Paul – Analogue Wonderland

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