5 Frames with a Leica M6 and 28mm Elmarit – by Daniel Avery

The Leica M6 is just a dream camera. Ideally you want the camera to fade away and not get in the way of picture making and for me the M6 does this perfectly. With only the frame lines and exposure arrows in the rangefinder shooting is such a bliss and peaceful experience. I took it with me to Japan on vacation and managed to pick up the Leica 28mm Elmarit E46 at a fairly decent price in one of the many great camera stores they have in Tokyo. The lens and camera balance perfectly and whilst the M6 is a little heavy its still relatively light with the 28mm and makes walking around with it a breeze.

I still have another roll of Black and White shot with this lens + camera that I can’t wait to see since the results from this roll of Portra got me very excited. I have only had my M6 for a little over a year but I can’t see it going anywhere for a number of years, it does everything right without being an annoyance or getting in the way. The speed (especially for street photography) is the best part, the shutter dial can be a little tough to reach whilst shooting but I keep it at 1/250th and adjust the aperture accordingly. Loading film is my only real annoyance, I had an M2 for a while which was a huge paint to swap rolls with when out in public, the M6 is slightly more convenient but still takes time and can be painful if you miss a shot, though it happens to everyone:


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    1. I hadn’t until your comment, that’s crazy although I suppose it’s going to happen considering how often he used it haha! Magnificent photographer, if only he hadn’t passed so early

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