LomoChrome Color '92 Product Image

NEWS: Lomography LomoChrome Color ‘92 Now Available in 120 and 110 Formats

Lomography has their new LomoChrome Color ‘92 film available to shoot in 120 and 110 formats! When the 35mm version came out a little over a month ago, it created a huge buzz in the film community. In their usual product launch style, Lomography had sent the film to a large number of photographers and content creators for review so you won’t be at a loss trying to find analysis and samples for the new nostalgia-inducing emulsion.

However, there haven’t been many pre-release results with the medium format or 110 versions of this film. Now that the film is available, it will only be a matter of days or weeks before they start to pop up.

The medium format and 110 versions of LomoChrome Color ‘92 will have much the same characteristics as the 35mm one. It is an ISO400 color negative film intended for C-41 processing. The 120 format yields 10–16 exposures (depending on the camera used) and the 110 cartridge is loaded with 24 exposures.

Alberto Lima, freelance writer and photographer, writes in G Style Magazine about Color ‘92:

“If you’re looking to inject nostalgia into your modern shoot, LomoChrome 92 seems like a great vehicle to do so. Currently, it will only be available in the 35mm format but I personally am looking forward to the addition of 120 – I think an emulsion like this would benefit from the larger surface area to work on. When used on the right subjects, LomoChrome 92 adds a great deal of character to any image giving it that old advert look from magazines I grew up with.
“ – Alberto Lima on G Style Mag

LomoChrome Color '92 Product Image
Image per Lomography – LomoChrome Color ’92 in 120

LomoChrome Color '92 Sample Image
Image per Lomography – LomoChrome Color ’92 in 120

LomoChrome Color '92 in 110 Format
Image per Lomography site – LomoChrome Color ’92 in 110 Format

Here’s what the Darkroom had to say about the film in their review:

“LomoChrome Color ’92 has noticeable but beautiful grain, cool undertones, and faithful color that produces a burst of retro charm with a nostalgic analog look. Due to its unique look, it stands out from most normal color film stocks on the current market which is why we think it will be well received by the film community.” – The Darkroom

Interestingly, they rated the film 3 out of 5 stars in their Film Index. Most reviewers have enjoyed the experience of shooting with the film so the reaction from the community seems to be positive overall.

LomoChrome Color '92 Sample Image
Image per Lomography – LomoChrome Color ’92

Lomography has even tested the flexibility of the film when it comes to pulling or overexposing with nice results:

“LomoChrome Color ’92 ISO 400 has a cold tone with a predominant tendency toward a greener hue rather than magenta. Overall the latitude of this film performs well when overexposed, while the most balanced results are present when shot at box speed. We found that pulling one stop yielded charming results, presenting the film with a distinctive look. It catapults you right back to those years when blue jeans were everything and every gadget had a metallic-toned coating. Our new formula emulates these vibes wonderfully.” – Lomography

LomoChrome Color '92 Sample Image
Image per Lomography – LomoChrome Color ’92

One medium format roll of LomoChrome Color ‘92 will run you £10.90 in Lomography’s shop. The 110 cartridge will cost you £7.90. Head over to the website here to check out more sample images and information about the film.

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  1. Uli Buechsenschuetz

    I have two rolls of 35mm of that film waiting for the right moment to be exposed… some of the initial reviewers agreed that it needs some overexposure to perform well, so I will probably shoot it at ISO 320.

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