Celebrating Ten Years of 35mmc – Ask Us Anything!

This May, 35mmc will turn ten years old! (the screen grab above is from June 15th 2013 – courtesy of WaybackMachine)

For anyone who is new to this site, 35mmc is a community-authored blog about photography and cameras. It is edited and published by Hamish Gill, along with a small team comprising Molly Kate and myself (Sroyon).

The very first 35mmc article was published on 1 May 2013. Since then, we have published over 2,800 articles (and counting!) The first few articles were written by Hamish himself, but it soon evolved into a community blog (though Hamish continues to write on a fairly regular basis). The site’s scope expanded too, from 35mm compact cameras – which is what 35mmc stands for – to film cameras in general, and finally to all kinds of photography including digital and alternative processes.

We now get around 5 million page views a year. But at the risk of sounding trite, none of this would have been possible without the support of everyone who reads, writes, comments and otherwise engages with the site.

Anyhow, to mark 35mmc’s tenth birthday, we thought we would do a sort of AMA (ask me anything).

So if you have a question for Hamish – or for that matter, for anyone else on the 35mmc team – please let us know in the comments!

It can be a question about the past or future of 35mmc, cameras and lenses, opinions, interests, likes, dislikes – pretty much anything relating to photography and blogging. We will compile our answers and publish them on the 1st of May.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: The <a href=”https://www.35mmc.com/01/05/2023/looking-back-at-10-years-of-35mmc/”>10th Anniversary Post</a> is now online! We eventually decided to do it as more of a retrospective rather than an AMA format. Some questions which we got in response to this post (e.g. the one about forums) are answered in the Anniversary Post, while we have tried to address the rest in comment replies below.

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12 thoughts on “Celebrating Ten Years of 35mmc – Ask Us Anything!”

  1. Parabéns! Tenho uma dúvida sobre revelação: a agitação constante interfere na revelação? Existe alguma tabela com a relação tem de revelação usando agitação constante?

  2. Congratulations! Although I’m not an analog photographer (although I’m thinking of becoming one) I’m a daily visitor of this always interesting website. One day I’ll buy myself a medium format film camera and invade the community. 🙂

  3. It’s been that long? I’ve been lurking and reading stuff for years and only recently decided to contribute – thanks to 35mmc for the inspiration and enjoyment!
    Great site – ever since the old ContaxG Pages website closed down I’ve been homeless
    A quick question – with DPReview set to close – any plans for a forum?

  4. I would be interested in knowing:

    The photography equipment you most regret buying
    The photography equipment you most regret selling


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