I'm an amateur photographer who likes making images with pinhole cameras, smartphones and everything in between. I do have a special fondness for vintage film cameras... but who doesn't! I also enjoy working on collaborative projects, alternative processes, and developing and printing in my makeshift home darkroom. You can see more of my work on my Website and Instagram: @midtonegrey.

Sroyon's Posts

23 April, 2024

Godox Lux Cadet – Retro Flash Review

By Sroyon

Back in July, we reported on the release of two new Godox flashes with a distinctive, retro look: the Godox Lux Senior and Lux Junior. Godox kindly sent us one of each to try ou...

6 April, 2023

35mmc Website Issues – Update 2

By Sroyon

Better news – the website is nearly back to normal, and we are going to resume publishing articles now! Starting with an article which, appropriately enough, is about rep...