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I'm an amateur photographer who likes making images with pinhole cameras, smartphones and everything in between. I do have a special fondness for vintage film cameras... but who doesn't! I also enjoy working on collaborative projects, alternative processes, and developing and printing in my makeshift home darkroom. You can see more of my work on my Website and Instagram: @midtonegrey.

Godox AD100 Pro Review – The Perfect Off-Camera Flash For My Needs

Most things in photography – indeed, most things in life – are a trade-off. And trade-offs are subjective. So when I say that the Godox AD100 Pro, the flash that I’m reviewing in this article, is the “perfect off-camera flash for my needs”, I am really saying two things. First, that it’s the perfect trade-off …

Godox AD100 Pro Review – The Perfect Off-Camera Flash For My Needs Read More

Cyclopin: My Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera Made from a Cardboard Box

If X is good and Y is good, then X and Y combined must be even better. Out of this misguided reasoning have emerged such unholy inventions as the beer-tap hat and ice-cream fries. But sometimes, such combinations really do work – and I guess you don’t know until you try.

I’ve been obsessed with pinhole photography for a while, making my own cameras from cardboard boxes, cake-tins and the like. And last year – thanks in part to this blog – I got into stereoscopy. So I guess it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at combining the two. Enter: the homemade stereoscopic pinhole camera.

Godox AK-R21 Projection Attachment and AK-S Slide Set – Lighting Gear Review

Flashes are versatile gadgets, and with gels and modifiers, you can even get an even wider range of effects. But what if you want to get even more creative? The Godox AK-R21 projection attachment attaches to a flash or strobe, allowing you to project images and patterns onto your scene. In this article, I’ve reviewed …

Godox AK-R21 Projection Attachment and AK-S Slide Set – Lighting Gear Review Read More

Spectral Sensitivity of B&W Film – A Deep Dive into Orthochromatic, Panchromatic and All the Rest

Even if you’re new to film photography, you’ve probably heard about the various types of B&W emulsions which are out there: orthochromatic, panchromatic, infrared and so on. If you’re a bit more experienced – or just a nerd – you might even know what these terms mean. They refer to different spectral sensitivities – how sensitive the film is to different wavelengths (colours) of light.

The term spectral sensitivity might sound boring and/or scary – the kind of jargon which photography veterans use to bamboozle and discourage newbies. In this article, I’ll try to demystify the term, and to explain how an understanding of film characteristics can help us get the kind of results we want.

There are so many different types of B&W film out there. Exploring their variety and complexity can expand our creative options. Besides, it’s fun!

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