The Stay Home Project – By John Scott

Covid-19 has changed the world. We have people battling for their livelihoods everyday. I am incredibly thankful that I have a job and that I am able to continue to be creative.

Living in Singapore, I have been on working from home for over a month now, as part of the circuit breaker measures to curb covid-19. During this time I still needed to keep creative, working as an advertising creative director. As soon as I knew that we would have an extended stay at home, I thought that I should document this time.

So xx days later (because I have seriously lost track of time) and about 780+ photos, I have documented everyday, working, eating and fixing things at my desk. The same ultra wide view shot with the Voigtlander 12mm f5.6.

What started as a bit of fun ended up becoming an obsession and something to keep me creative through the monotonous stay at home cycle.

It is nice to look back and see my kids pop in here and there, the food I ate and a sneak peek at some of the projects I was working on.

There are a far too many photos to share here so here is 1% of all my work time-lapse series. I will share more shots on my Instagram and on my youtube channel 

Stay safe, stay creative.

Thanks for reading!

Break time
Cleaning the M10
Lunch again
Fuji play
Drawing for film
Screen protector
Repair work

To see more visit my youtube channel 

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6 thoughts on “The Stay Home Project – By John Scott”

  1. I too love this series. Your photos eerily remind me of pretty much my home/ work balance the past few months also.
    I happened to have the luck of launching a business just as COVID-19 hit, along with the additional requirement to shield due to some health issues.

    I ended up having to run and operate my entire business form my home, which I hadn’t really planned in advance for, and at the moment, don’t see an end in the immediate future to it either.

    I have grown in many ways from all this also, as I think many others have also.

    Anyhow, excellent documentary work here, amazing what can be accomplished while at home!

    1. Thank you Christopher.
      It is always hard at first to change systems and processes we are accustomed to, but it sounds like you’ve come out the other side in a good place.
      Good luck and thanks for reading/viewing.
      I am working on my next daily documentary project.

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