Author name: Christian Schroeder

37-year-old amateur photographer from Germany with a weak spot for old cameras.

A classic Hasselblad Distagon 50mm f/4 lens made by Zeiss, mounted to a V series camera body

Hasselblad (Zeiss) Distagon 50mm f/4 Review

Hello there! The important thing I want to note right in the beginning: I haven’t intended this article as a comprehensive, technical-focused review of the Zeiss Distagon 50mm f/4 lens for the Hasselblad V system. Others have done this before – and they have done it probably way better than I could do. So kudos to them; I’ll link related posts further down.

Instead, the article is supposed to talk more about the artistic possibilities (virtues) of this versatile lens. Or, to say it more precisely: how I use the lens’ artistic possibilities for my photographic pleasure. Oh yes, this piece of equipment is a lot of fun!

Fujichrome 64T II Slide Film Cross-Processed – by Christian Schroeder

Long time no post! Well, it’s been a while since my last article appeared here on 35mmc. And in the meantime? One of the rather uncommon things I tried was cross-processing Tungsten-balanced slide film, namely Fujichrome 64T II. With two rolls of this long-gone stock I explored forests as well as a local cemetery. A quite exciting endeavor that kept me busy in late summer / early autumn – now I’m happy to show you some of the results!

6 Frames of Architecture on Lomography Redscale – by Christian Schroeder

Lomography Redscale: I confess, I have been avoiding this film way too long. Weird material, I thought, will give you only crappy results. Oh, but you like orange explosions? Good for you, go ahead! – Read on to find out how wrong I was. Using Lomography Redscale for the First Time For my recent birthday …

6 Frames of Architecture on Lomography Redscale – by Christian Schroeder Read More

Painting Landscapes with my Rolleiflex – by Christian Schroeder

Painting landscapes with a TLR camera from the 1950s has become the main activity in recent months.  No wonder, as it seems that I need a photographic project related to the landscape genre at least once a year. In 2020, I presented you a series of black-and-white images of agricultural sceneries. Then, in 2021, I came up with some long-time exposures of the same topic. And this time, it is my much appreciated Rolleiflex that let me discover the rural space again.

In this post, I’m going to talk about a variety of subject matters – how I got inspired by Dutch landscape painters from the 17th century, the joy of using my Rolleiflex and why I like expired films. Therefore, I came up with the title “painting landscapes”. So please lean back and expect a bunch of images to look at!

6x6 photograph of greenish paitend, run-down house

Photographing Run-Down Places – By Christian Schroeder

Run-down places have been fascinating me ever since I can remember. Combined with industrial architecture, they are my favorite subject matter for photography. Within this post, I am going to show you the results of my 2021 fall / winter project: abandoned, ordinary and sometimes ugly places I found in my greater neighborhood in Hannover, Germany. All in all I have picked a selection of 18 images I want you to see.

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